Sunday, December 1, 2013

these are some of the sites the provide custom roms

Warning: Using or flashing this rom may brick your device use this at you own will i held no responsibilities to  any damage it may cause to your device.

i claim no ownership for any this work, this is others blood and sweat.

i found this on xda i found this more popular among others
TeamBURST Rom by by GM Heroic and annson24(annson08)

this one also from xda it is similar to the stock ROM when we first bought our devices
Unofficial ICS Stock for Cherry Mobile Burst S280 + Root by annson08

this one is miui themed ROM also found at xda

 this one is from a clone device Gigabyte Gsmart Rio R1 from a Russian website just use Google translate. i also use my own boot.img to make this work and change the language to English

here from  same Russian website i seen a lot of custom ROM here

why does cherry mobile burst dont have support?

I have been searching around the web for support for cherry mobile burst but i only see few some offering custom Roms and some a little about troubleshooting. Did you know that our cherry mobile burst have a lot of clones from different mobile company from different country around Asia and south America. This blog is my attempt to unite cherry mobile burst user and its other clone users to be united. We cant expect mobile company's like ours to give support the only thing that matter to them is the profit and after that nothing. I have same reason as most of cherry mobile users do to experience Smartphone for a cheap price. Cherry mobile burst is good only if we will deeply know more about it, many complain it lags a lot which is true me too complain about it but searching around the web i found some answers. What is real problem about cherry mobile burst well the problem is the OS incompatibility towards the hardware. Our cherry mobile burst is running ice cream sandwich which consume a lot of ram, our device only has 512mb ram but only 340mb is being used and around 200mb is being used system process only or the core process which make the OS run so it leaves us around 100mb left. Using Facebook alone consume 30mb or more so that is why its so lag a lot. But maybe the solution to our problem is Android Kitkat, like Gingerbread it is design to run onto low specs device which is most of the device around the world.The support we are waiting for is with in ourselves if only we could unite to build this project i we could only help each other maybe we could develop Android Kitkat for our devices.If anyone wants to contribute feel free. The are some site that provide custom roms what i want is to put them together here in one place.Although developing rom from source is hard maybe we could do that one step at a time.